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Make This Amazing Probiotic Face Mask & Enzyme Peel In Your Kitchen!

by Maui Mobile Spa on 07/08/19

At Maui Mobile Spa we advise our clients to incorporate exfoliation into their skin care routine. Regular exfoliation accelerates skin cell turn over rate, sloughs off dead skins cells, and leaves the skin glowing and moisturized.

There are 2 different ways exfoliate the skin. Mechanical/Physical and Chemical/Enzyme. We prefer to call anything that is a scrub, a Physical Exfoliant. And exfoliants that use enzymes to "eat away" at dead skin cells, we call an Enzyme Exfoliant. 

It is important to use Enzyme Exfoliants on the face! These enzymes generally come from things like pineapple, pumpkin, papaya, apple, milk, honey, sugar cane, etc. Enzymes are preferable for exfoliating your face, because they gently dissolve the top/dead layers of skin. Whereas Physical Exfoliants scrub the skin to remove dead skin cells, which can be too harsh on the delicate tissues of the face. 

We do recommend a facial exfoliant that has both Enzymes and a gentle Physical scrub. We LOVE the Himalayan Super Fruit Enzyme Polish and the Clarify Polishing Mask by Epicuren. These products  are a triple threat, as they are:
- #1: An Enzyme Exfoliant
- #2: A Gentle Physical Exfoliant
- #3: A Face Mask

This means you get enzyme exfoliation with a gentle scrub....then leave the product on the skin for 2-5 minutes to get a face mask experience!

Of course we can't always afford to buy high quality products, but luckily we have a solution for pennies on the dollar! 

 At Maui Mobile Spa, we have been using the following home-made face and body exfoliant since the early 2000's. It's is rich in enzymes (papain/lactic) and probiotics (good bacteria), which helps to clarify, balance and hydrate the skin. Plus it's so easy to make, as it only contain 2 ingredients! 

 Please see below for recipe and instructions.

- Green Papaya Powder - TIP: Store papaya powder in freezer. 

- Low Fat Plain Yogurt - Preferably organic. Must be low-fat! Must be cow/goat milk yogurt for the lactic acid. For a vegan recipe (which doesn't work as well) use a vegan yogurt. 

- TIP: Bonus Ingredient (optional)...add a capsule of probiotic powder ;) 

- Mix 1 tbs. yogurt, to 1 tsp. green papaya powder. Make extra if you want to do a body scrub.

- Apply exfoliating mask to clean skin, and gently scrub, using circular upward motions. 

- Let mask sit on skin for 3-5 minutes.

- TIP: You always want to keep your mask damp on the skin, so it keeps working! We recommend using a spritzer bottle to mist the skin every 30 seconds. You can use rose water, water with essential oils, or just plain water. Don't have a spray bottle?...use your fingers and some water. Just keep the mask damp on the skin at all times!  ;)

- Rinse clean with water...we recommend NOT using soap/cleanser afterward, since your skin will have natural probiotics (good bacteria) from the yogurt. 

- Continue with your normal skin care routine...tone, serum, moisturize. TIP: best to mask in the evening, so you don't need to apply sunscreen. 

- Use mask 1-2 times a week, or twice a month for sensitive skin. This mask in AMAZING for acne skin conditions!

To use this mask on the entire body, simply mix enough mask, and vigorously scrub into clean wet skin. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse clean. 

TIP: Again, you must use low-fat plain yogurt...if you use full fat yogurt it will be super greasy and mask won't work ;)

Wishing You A Happy Home-Spa Day, From The Maui Mobile Spa Ohana (family)!

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